I will be adding stuff as I find the time.

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Also if you have any interesting broken guitars or related gear, I may be interested.

These Items are for sale. Email or call . Thanks for looking.

CONTACT INFORMATION: EMAIL Dave : or call 425/337-1745


1980's Made in Japan MIJ Fender Stratocaster "E" series

Plenty of road rash but still a great little player. E sereis S/N. Made in Japan. Every bit as good as my Amercan strat.

If you are looking for a player don't be scared away by it being a squier. Japanese Squiers are very high quality guitars.

Look them up on the web and get the skinny.




Epiphone Rivoli Bass

Great Rivoli Bass . The head stock was broken and has been repaired with graphite strips. It is strong and wont break again.

I just painted it and put it back togeather and it plays great.$350




Acoustic/Electric bass Eagle model by Trinity River

This bass is in good condition and plays OK too.



3. 1946 Sound Craft Tube Guitar Amplifier Amp

This tube amp is in very good condition for its age. Looks like it has been recapped. It has 2 6v6 output. Not real loud but lots of good tone.

Has a tube rectifier so great lag. Makes my Tele sound great. $600


4. Epiphone SG Set neck. Ugly duckling

Lots of road rash and it needs some knobs. But it has had a recent fret leveling so it has fast low action

with no buzz out when you strech the strings. $225



Pair of Mackie SRM450 with no amps. Project

I do not have the amps. The speakers and horns all work. The cones on the speakers have been pushed in but I got them back

out with a vaccumm cleaner hose. I speakers are not in the cabinets. I just set one in for the pictures. I can through in an

old set of speaker lab crossovers so the could be used passively or they could be bi-amped. I do not have the grills. $275



Mexican Acoustic Bass Guitara Mariachi

Everyone needs one of these big Mexican Basses.